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Cupid's Musings: Self-Content

If you haven't already make sure to read the previous posts. These are written to be read in order. 

Building blocks of congruency:
Desirable personality traits 
Successful dating 
Valuable relationships 
Total Happiness

If you're a guy and you're reading this you know exactly what I mean when I say "Now you can FIX everything." Through putting aside the ego, looking at yourself as a mirror of the world around you, and realizing that you control exactly how you feel about yourself and the environment around you THIS is how one gains Self-Content.

This should be taken as having a dual meaning. First, obviously, you're content with yourself, your beliefs, and fuck anyone who doubts you. Secondly, you have personal content that is valuable and should be shared with anyone you choose to. There's no reason why something that excites you should be looked at as anything less than what you believe it to be. Ever had something you wanted to share with someone so badly because it excited you yet you felt you couldn't? Maybe that little voice popped into your head and said "Hey, they'll probably think it's stupid." Anything that comes to mind that's negative about something that excites you should be acknowledged... then squashed and told to fuck off. By following the progression that I've written about you have all the tools you need to start your own journey of personal growth. 

Developing Self-Content
So where to start? The posts before this one. That is your only answer you need until you've read, understood, and actually applied everything from those posts to your daily life. After that it's really easy to take care of the rest. By now, you should have a constant intuitive thought that permeates everything you do. LISTEN to that little voice. Everything you didn't do and wish you had comes from not listening to that little voice. It only develops from constantly asking why, constantly bringing yourself back to center, and constantly being honest with yourself. I had planned on writing a blog series about being successful at dating but now I realize all that success is gained through everything I've written prior. Find what makes you happy... become great at it... and live your fucking life. 

The deeper you venture inside of yourself the more you will gain. The more comfortable you get in the darkest inner spaces the more you will gain. The sooner you put aside your ego the more you will gain. The stronger the reaction to your inner thoughts the more important they are.